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On 6 and 7 May 2017, ASICS Singapore presents its very first training escapade for women, a meticulously curated program featuring fitness sessions by functional movement patterns and High Intensity Interval Training specialist Tanya Poppett; understand-your-body assessments by physiotherapy, hand therapy and podiatry experts UrbanRehab; and a healthful dinner prepared by chef and culinary host Angela May.

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My workout routine consists of boxing three to four times a week, combined with one to two sessions of HIIT and/or Yoga. I also try to walk instead of drive wherever I go.

I do what suits my body clock and schedule. As I work a lot, sometimes my body and mind experience fatigue so I would do something on the low-intensity side. When time permits and I have had a good sleep, I’d take on boxing and a quick HIIT session or yoga.

Sometimes, my husband and I take slow strolls or jogs together, but we like to keep our workout regime separate as it's a very personal thing.

Strong women

Confidence and the ability to not care about societal acceptance make a woman strong.


I head for our beautiful beach apartment in Australia and watch the ocean. I also play with my three dogs.


Monday, Wednesday and Friday – gym at the Singapore Sports Institute
Tuesday and Thursday – netball court training
Saturday – my partner and I will choose either basketball, running or swimming. Otherwise, it will be recovery day.


Sometime in 2012, 2013, I got stuck in a rut. I couldn’t seem to shoot well. I lost the confidence I had in myself and just wanted to quit the sport for good. My coach –Ruth Aitken – family, close friends and team mates motivated and encouraged me. Ruth taught me to pick myself up.


I spend time with my loved ones. Chilling at cafes, working out together with love, catching up with people who matter, shopping – very therapeutic – and short getaways, if time permits.


Because I travel so much, I don’t have a set workout routine. When I wake up, I have a quick, three-minute dance party and sneak in a few sun salutations. I do yoga stretches before sleeping.

Depending on how I feel, I incorporate a balance of strength and cardio exercises into my week. In Singapore, I’ll do weight training two to three times a week, play tennis with my dad, walk around the Botanic Gardens with mum and do yoga. I also love trying out new fitness classes with friends. When I’m travelling, I do a lot of pilates on YouTube and go on hikes!


I started working out for enjoyment, and somewhere along the way, that disappeared when I pushed myself to do intense workouts every day. It was easy to get caught up over the feeling of accomplishment after each session. It turned into an all-or-nothing attitude where I’d either be ‘on form’ one week, or completely relaxed the next, too tired to do anything. It took me some time to scale back, rekindle my love for movement and remember why I work out in the first place.


I don’t think there is a perfect balance. I used to try to achieve it. Now, I try my hardest to focus on one thing at a time instead of constantly juggling like what I used to do. When I work, I get my head down and finish the task; when I’m relaxing with family and friends, I shut off my work brain and focus completely on being in the present. Life has been simpler and more gratifying since.


I work out six to seven days a week, depending on my schedule and body condition: a five-minute warm-up on the treadmill, exercise bike or Skywalker, followed by some dynamic stretching. I don't really have a fixed program but I will do a segment between power, strength, balance (core stability) and body sculpting exercises. Equipment that I typically use: gym ball, Bosu ball, ab wheel, dumb bells and TRX.

Hopes and dreams

It has always been my dream to win a SEA Games medal. However, the last 10 years of my sporting journey were rough. At three SEA Games, I didn't achieve the result that I wanted.

I also want to send a message to women, especially mothers: Anything is possible if you set your mind to it. Often, women are conditioned to believe they cannot do many things – like being an athlete – after having a child. But after reading many stories about athletes in Europe and the US performing better after they had a child, believed that I could be one of them, so I decided to return to the sport. I hope that my success story will inspire women to know that they can be even greater as mothers.


My husband is my coach and my son has been with me at the track since he was 16 days old. We have our family time at the track or at competitions. My son usually mimics what I do. So, at the track, he will pick up a pole and try 'pole vaulting'. Cycling is our regular family activity.

My son is my greatest inspiration. I want to be a role model for him, and the best way is to walk the talk. I hope when he grows up, he will be resilient and focused, and never, ever gives up.


I’m quite the fitness and health fanatic and have been for some time. Staying fit and taking care of my health and wellbeing has always been a way of life for me.

Marathon running

I’ve always been an avid runner and to run a marathon has been on my bucket list for a long time. When I initially took up the challenge to run the Tokyo Marathon, I told myself that as long as I cross that finish line, all would be good. But once I started training and following a set training schedule, I got really focused and dived into it.

The marathon was a great challenge and an incredible experience. I feel like a different person now.


In order to progress, both the mind and the body have to work in harmony. My mind tends to get ahead of me and I also push myself a bit too hard sometimes. In the course of training for the Tokyo Marathon, I’ve learned that it's important to have the right mindset and be focused as well as know when to slow down and listen to my body. It’s better to miss a day of training than push an exhausted body to complete a scheduled session as this will cause more harm than good.

Patience is also key to achieve your training goals.

The ASICS Woman training escapade is replete with fitness and wellness activities. A look at who’s involved in the extensive program:

The Program

Saturday, 6 May
2:00pm Check-in
3:00pm Urban Rehab (physiotherapy / podiatry consultation)
5:00pm Workout #1
5:40pm Rest
6:00pm Workout #2
6:40pm Rest
7:30pm Dinner by Angela May
9:30pm Chill Out & Drinks
Sunday, 7 May
7:00am Breakfast
8:30am Workout #3
9:00am Rest
9:20am Workout #4
12:00pmCheck out

Note: Schedule may be subject to change at the discretion of ASICS Asia Pte. Ltd.

Tanya Poppett

Tanya is a Sydney-based fitness trainer who specializes in functional movement patterns and High Intensity Interval Training. Her unique style, shared via her social media channels and fitness app Train with Tanya, has inspired thousands of people worldwide.


Her goal is to break down perceived notions of fitness. She achieves this by developing innovative ways to be active.

Tanya Poppett

The Workout

For the workshop, Tanya has prepared a series of exercise sessions. Experience workouts like no other.

Group Warm-up & Partner Drill
(10 minutes)
Jogging tag
Partner mobility-hip swing
Reaching lunge
Leaning back stretch
Inchworm hand tap
Bear crawl-frog squat
Crab crawl-bear plank
Side shuffle-table top
Tabata HIIT
(25 minutes)

20 seconds work - 10 seconds rest
6 rounds of each station with 2-minute rest in-between stations

6 rounds of station 1
Jumping lunge twist crunch (no jumping for beginners)
Push-up with row (beginners on knees)


6 rounds of station 2
Plank tuck burpee (modified for beginners)
Frog squat


6 rounds of station 3
Reverse burpees
Hot steps

(5 minutes)
Cool down and stretch
Quick Warm-up
(5 minutes)
As many reps as possible
Shuttle run-squat jump
Shuttle run-burpee
Shuttle run-mountain climbers
Strength Pyramid Workout
(20 minutes)

To be completed in descending rep counts: 20/15/10/5
2-minute rest in-between stations

Station 1
Overhead Squat

2-minute rest

Station 2
Step-up with knee drive
Death Roll

2-minute rest

Station 3
MMA Bridge
Back Extension

Core Challenge Finisher
(10 minutes)
Partner 1 holds plank position while partner 2 completes 6 commandoes (switch and repeat for 2 minutes straight)

Partner 1 holds boat position while partner 2 completes 6 boat tucks (switch and repeat for 1 minute straight)
(5 minutes)
Cool down and stretch
Running Warm-up
(5 minutes)
1km Morning Run
Stretching and mobility exercise
Descending Run & Burpee Pyramid
(10-15 minutes)
Run 100m - 10 burpees
Run 100m - 9 burpees
Run 100m - 8 burpees, etc

Those who finish more quickly to help the rest complete their sets
Cool Down
(5 minutes)
1km cool-down jog back to The Warehouse Hotel
(5 minutes)
Warm Up
(5 minutes)
Warm-up & Mobility Drill
Strength Focus, Activation & Explosiveness
(20 minutes)

4 sets for each station
1-minute rest in-between stations

Station 1
20x kneeling hip thrusts
5x knees-to-squat jump

1-minute rest

Station 2
20x single leg hop (each side)
5x partner pistol squats (each side)

1-minute rest

Station 3
20x wall lat pulldown
5x blast-off row

1-minute rest

Station 4
20x partner-assisted chest fly
5x push-up jacks

Full Body Finisher
(5 minutes)
20x kick sit
4x 30-second bear plank
Squat-hold while partner completes 5 squat jumps (switch and repeat for 1 minute straight)
(10 minutes)
Stretch and cool down


UrbanRehab is a physiotherapy group with an emphasis on geriatric, orthopedic, neurological and integumentary problems.


Everyone is different, which is the reason why UrbanRehab invests heavily in one-to-one, structured assessments and treatments. It also takes into account the client’s medical history and fitness needs.


Help restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability.

  • Lisa Gold Lisa Gold Physiotherapy (Orthopedics, Sports, Spine Injury), Taping, Dry Needling, DMA Clinical Pilates
  • Louise Richardson Louise Richardson Physiotherapy, Manual Therapy, Clinical Pilates
  • Rabia Shah Rabia Shah Physiotherapy (Orthopaedics, Chronic Pain, Therapeutic Neuroscience Education, Taping, Women’s Health Physiotherapy, Clinical Pilates, Post-natal rehabilitation and Ergonomics), Clinical Pilates and Mindful Movement, Pain Management


A branch of medicine devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of foot, ankle and leg disorders.

  • Dorcas Sholanke Dorcas Sholanke Podiatry, Conditions of the foot and ankle, Orthopedics and Sports Injuries, Taping, Orthotic/Insole Therapy

Hand Therapist

Rehabilitation of conditions affecting the hands and arms by an Occupational Therapist.

  • Georgina Tyrrell Georgina Tyrrell Hand Therapy (Orthopedics, Sports), Splinting, Taping
Angela May

Angela May

Angela is a culinary host on travel and food channels around the world. These days, the graduate of Sydney’s Le Cordon Bleu is also the chef and creative force behind Angela May Food Chapters.


She is a strong believer of using only exceptional ingredients – and they must have been ethically raised because “food that has been mindfully farmed will genuinely taste better. There’s no two ways about it”.

Angela May

The Warehouse Hotel

The Warehouse Hotel, a meticulously restored, former godown overflowing with history, sits proudly on the bank of the Singapore River at Robertson Quay.

The Warehouse Hotel

The Products

Sports Bra
Long Tights

The Products

Racerback Bra
Layering Tank
Panel Tights

ASICS develops footwear and apparel with advanced technologies. Each product is designed to maximize user performance and support you through every workout. But gear alone can’t do anything, until you do something in it. Our tech doesn’t work, until you put it to work. What matters is you.


  • Cross-fit shoe engineered to support the most extreme power workouts
  • Built-in extra durable Rhynoskin protects against rope burn
  • Ventilated sockliner and breathable sole release heat
Conviction X
Power Collection

Power Collection

  • Geared for performance
  • Jacquard mesh and spandex


  • ASICS's first uniquely designed shoe for women in a fitness studio environment
  • Interlocking bands provide foot security without compromising flexibility
  • GEL Cushioning offers superior comfort
Flex Collection

Flex Collection

  • Accommodates movement
  • Spandex

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